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big boppy

December 19, 2008

all right. i cut out, sewed, clipped, turned and stuffed a boppy for adrienne in approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. now to decide on fabric for the cover. how about a nice flannel? i do heart flannel.

i used this pattern and a pastel overall print for the boppy itself. then i need to sew another one with a zipper that can be removed after the baby gets it yucky. easy and fun. it took just short of a pound of poly fill to stuff it and instead of leaving the curved opening, i left open the “inside of one of the legs” because it was a straight section and allowed me to stuff the whole thing and check it’s shape as i was going along.

at this rate, i could probably get a dozen bags done in a day. that might be a little on the optimistic side but i’ll bet if i didn’t get online first and started cutting and sewing when i poured that first cup of joe i could get through that many. maybe i’ll try it. monday. (it’s hard to do something like that when mike’s here, like the weekend). here’s the pattern i’m using for bags:

i got 5 of these from a bed ruffle i picked up at goodwill for $2. yeah, i’m pretty smug about it. all of the compliments i get on my bags don’t help.

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