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20 years and counting

well, i think most of my pre-trip chores are done. still need to take out the trash and take a shower. make the bed. mike will be home in the next hour-hour and a half to pack the car. i’ve been to the bank, gassed up the car, made samwiches, sliced up our fruit. the paper is stopped. the mail is tended to.

sounds like we are about ready for another road trip! yep. we’re driving to new england today to celebrate our 20th anniversary (10-15-88). honeymoon in vermont, 10th anniv in new england (i’m still using the travel mug we picked up at stewart shops!) and now back again for 20. our hope is to stay in the same room in bennington vt that we used for both previous trips (fingers crossed).

i’ve packed only some mags, a book and cotton yarn with knitting needles (whereas in the past i’ve packed enough crafts for a month). should be more than enough. i-pod is set up for road trip music. willie’s meds are all taken care of. his calendar is marked with our return date (i’ll be surprised if we don’t have phone messages from him when we get back).

this trip, i’ve printed off our n. kingstown RI address from mapquest in hopes of going by the house. with the exception of monterrey, rhode island might be the only home i’ve never returned to. i think i’ve been back to va beach but it’s been awhile. hmmmm, might have to put that on the list for a return trip, too.

even though we’ve got our laptop, this trip should help to curb my appetite for casey anthony. i won’t be able to check in with my fellow armchair detectives like i have been. wonder if they’ll miss me? when we get home, i need to fall hell bent into christmas. sue and i bake on 12-15 so will have to make my dough (doh!). it’ll all work out in the end. it always does.

bye for now!  will try to check in from the road.  <<hugs>>

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