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big boppy

December 19, 2008

all right. i cut out, sewed, clipped, turned and stuffed a boppy for adrienne in approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. now to decide on fabric for the cover. how about a nice flannel? i do heart flannel.

i used this pattern and a pastel overall print for the boppy itself. then i need to sew another one with a zipper that can be removed after the baby gets it yucky. easy and fun. it took just short of a pound of poly fill to stuff it and instead of leaving the curved opening, i left open the “inside of one of the legs” because it was a straight section and allowed me to stuff the whole thing and check it’s shape as i was going along.

at this rate, i could probably get a dozen bags done in a day. that might be a little on the optimistic side but i’ll bet if i didn’t get online first and started cutting and sewing when i poured that first cup of joe i could get through that many. maybe i’ll try it. monday. (it’s hard to do something like that when mike’s here, like the weekend). here’s the pattern i’m using for bags:

i got 5 of these from a bed ruffle i picked up at goodwill for $2. yeah, i’m pretty smug about it. all of the compliments i get on my bags don’t help.


brownie recipe

December 18, 2008

as promised, here is my recipe for “killer brownies”. i can’t get enough of them. i only make them when we are going someplace that i can take them to because i would power through all of them otherwise.

make up a small box instant chocolate pudding (makes 4 servings size) (i have used sugar free and not had a problem) with 2 cups of milk.

add one 18 oz box chocolate cake mix and one 12 oz bag chocolate chips (the mixture is really thick).

pour into a greased 15 x 10 pan and bake at 325 for about 20-25 minutes. watch them. they will pull from the sides and often look “glossy” in the center but are done.

all i can say is, god, i love them. they do freeze well (if you can get them wrapped before you eat them all). ENJOY!

christmas crafting

December 18, 2008

here are some sites i use to get ideas/patterns/tutorials. have fun. (i do not have an etsy shop but i troll there for ideas).

i need to figure out how to add a link.

yum, yum

November 21, 2008

making brownies (triple fudge) and peanut butter cookies for tomorrow’s game.  will post recipes later.  four ingredients for each.  easy rocks!

Go Bucks! Beat Michigan

November 21, 2008

Well, it’s Beat Michigan Friday here in columbus.  depending on where you go in the city, it’s like a holiday.  heard on the radio this morning that the OSU alumni marching band has 23 gigs today.  sometimes i wonder if bandies try out for TBDBITL just so they can play with the alums.

we will be at ted and robin’s for the game tomorrow with willie in tow.  last home game.  the key for us is to get out of the hood early (per maqpuest, we are 1.03 miles from the stadium) before they close kenny and kinnear roads.  yeah, it’s a cluster poke but fun nonetheless.

it’s fun to go out on the front porch and listen to the crowd roar after a big play.  no matter what anybody says, i agree with DH, the best place to watch the game is the comfort of your own home.

Hello world!

November 19, 2008

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

time check

November 19, 2008

the time appears to be 6:08pm on 11-19-08. i set the time to UTC minus 5. *fingers crossed*